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Why I wrote this book:

The author(s) Judy et al and Sara

After discovering and exploring my diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder and coming to know the people who share this body, we have two reasons for writing this book.  First, personal catharsis—get it out of us and onto paper. And second, because we know there are others who have gone or are going through what we have gone through and maybe this will help them avoid some of our pitfalls and realize they are not alone!

And our goal? One, to let others know they are not alone, as stated before, and two, to make others AWARE.  We want everyone to have a voice and not be labeled, shunned, or denied help because they are different.  If this writing can help one other conglomerate of souls out there, it will have accomplished our goal! And one body housing a system that is surviving will be strong enough to not hide and be who they truly are.  If their family/friends accept them, great. But they will have the strength to speak their truths regardless.  They will share hope and diversity with the world of singletons and be valued rather than shunned or shamed.  They will be acknowledged and accepted!

Where can you get our book?


The book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle ebook format.  Follow our Goodreads page for events where we and/or our book will be available.

How to contact me


You can email us directly at Judy@idea-storm.com or message us through the Goodreads on our Author Page at https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17760842.Judy_Kukuruza

And you can also reach us through our blog at  https://wolvescrowsandspirituality.home.blog

Additional published work by J. Kukuruza


Writing Sound: An Anthology of Poems from the Southern San Joaquin Valley

Paperback published by Matthew Woodman

 "Writing Sound," an anthology of poems exploring the theme of "sound," is the fourth installment of the Writing/Reading series, featuring poets living in the Southern San Joaquin Valley. 

Can be found on Amazon - click here.

Reaching for the sky: Subtitle: Writers of Kern 2018 Anthology

Paperback and Kindle published by Writers of Kern

 Creative nonfiction, poems, and short stories from the members of Writers of Kern. 

Can be found on Amazon - click here.

Little Stories to Play With in Your Mind

A  collection of short stories and essays.

The paperback version can be found on Amazon - click here.

The Kindle version is now available - click here, Search for the ebook version  also at the Apple Store, Barnes and Noble, Google Play Store, Kobo and other ebook outlets.

Poems to Ponder

 "The dreams roll as the eyes close..." So says a line in one of our poems. These are truly poems to think about, read and reread as their depth can be deeper or shallower depending on your time and reading. They traverse the planes. Enjoy. 

The paperback version can be found on Amazon - click here.


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More books by Judy Kukuruza on the way!

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